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Season Two
Out of Time
directed by: Dermott Downs Air Date: October 13, 2016

In 2016, historian Nate Heywood enlists Mayor Oliver Queen’s help in locating the Waverider after it was caught in a nuclear blast in 1942. The pair find the sunken ship with only Mick aboard in stasis, who tells them what happened after being revived. Rip’s team—Mick, Ray, Sara, Jax, and Martin—traveled through time dealing with “aberrations” in history. They learned that a nuclear bomb would be detonated in New York City in 1942. The team discovered Damien Darhk, working with the Nazis, was behind the attack. Sara attempted to kill Darhk to prevent Laurel’s death, but Darhk escaped and launched his sole atomic bomb toward New York from a U-boat. Rip chose to scatter the team throughout time, except for the injured Mick, to save their lives while he intercepted the bomb with the Waverider and saved New York. In the present, Mick and Nate use the Waverider to travel through time and rescue everyone, but fail to find any trace of Rip. After fixing events in 1942 to prevent the Nazis from making a nuclear bomb, the team is confronted by the Justice Society of America (JSA). Meanwhile, Darhk is shown to be working with Eobard Thawne.

The Justice Society of America
directed by: Michael Grossman Air Date: October 20, 2016

The Justice Society captures the team, believing them to be Nazi spies. Nate reveals that he is the grandson of JSA member Commander Steel. After the JSA is assigned a mission to obtain information on Nazi captain Baron Krieger, they release the team and strongly advise them to leave 1942. The JSA learns that Krieger intends to trade away an amulet in Hitler’s possession; his trade partner turns out to be Eobard, who has given him a sample of the serum with which he intends to barter. Nate soon discovers that the JSA dies on this mission, so the team travels back to rescue them. While the teams collect the amulet and fight the Nazis, Krieger uses the serum on himself and turns into a monstrous superhuman. He manages to capture Ray and JSA member Amaya. Ray offers to replicate the formula to save Amaya. The teams then attack the Nazi base, save Ray and Amaya, and take down Krieger. However, hemophiliac Nate is critically injured in the process. Ray saves him by using the modified serum he developed. After the team departs, Eobard appears at the JSA headquarters and stabs Rex Tyler with his vibrating hand to erase him from the timeline before stealing the amulet. A dying Rex whispers “time traveler” to Amaya.

directed by: Kevin Tancharoen Air Date: October 27, 2016

Amaya stows away on the Waverider and attacks Mick, believing him responsible for Rex’s death. Nate stops her using his newly-developed ability to convert his body to a steel-like form. Sara convinces Amaya that a rogue time traveller is likely to blame for the murder. An accident during Ray’s testing of Nate’s abilities throws both men into the time vortex and strands them in 17th-century feudal Japan. Nate is found and cared for by Masako Yamashiro, the betrothed of shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu whose samurai capture Ray. Sara, Amaya, and Mick rescue Ray from Tokugawa, who uses the Atom suit against them. They meet up with a recovered Nate, who does not want to leave Masako to Tokugawa’s mercy. They defend Masako’s village from the samurai, while Ray and Nate defeat Tokugawa by destroying the Atom suit. Nate and Amaya officially join the team. Meanwhile, Jax and Stein discover a hidden armory inside the ship and a secret message from Barry Allen from 2056 intended for Rip and forbidden from the crew.

directed by: Michael Allowitz Air Date: November 3, 2016

The team learns of a time pirate stranded in the American Civil War. Upon arriving, they encounter a black man, Henry Scott, being chased by Confederate soldiers that have been turned into zombies by a virus carried by the pirate. The team defeats the group of zombies, but Henry is killed. Before his death, Henry reveals he is a Union spy assigned to steal Confederate battle plans for General Grant and asks Jax to complete his mission. The team discovers that Mick is infected with the virus and returns him to the Waverider, where Ray and Martin ultimately manage to cure him. Sara and Nate go to warn Grant about the zombies while Jax and Amaya attempt to steal the plans. Jax runs afoul of a plantation owner and is locked up. Amaya frees him and the other black prisoners. They find the plans and burn down the mansion during a zombie attack. Meanwhile, Grant’s camp is also attacked by zombies. Sara formulates a successful plan to kill them using Nate’s powers. Jax, posing as Henry Scott, gives the plans to Grant, which will ensure a Union battle victory. A grateful Mick gives Leonard Snart’s cold gun to Ray.

directed by: David Geddes Air Date: November 10, 2016

In 1987, Eobard Thawne offers Damien Darhk an alliance, which Darhk declines. Aboard the Waverider, Nate discovers an aberration in 1987 involving the INF treaty signing. The team infiltrates the White House as tourists and finds Darhk there as one of the treaty negotiators. Sara again attempts to kill him, which alerts White House security and forces the team to make a very public escape. They soon learn that Darhk is making his own secret deal with the KGB. Returning to the White House during a State dinner, they discover him making an exchange with KGB agents for a box with an unknown item. The team defeats Darhk’s men and the Russians. Sara confronts Darhk, but spares his life. Instead, she reveals his future to torture him: his master plan’s failure, his wife’s murder, and his own eventual death. Eobard whisks Darhk away, but not before Sara steals the box from him. She realizes the team is up against a time-travelling speedster. Unnerved by Sara’s revelation, Darhk insists on teaming up with Eobard and the two enter the time stream.

Outlaw Country
directed by: Cherie Nowlan Air Date: November 17, 2016

The team learns of an aberration in Colorado, 1874, where they save Jonah Hex from execution. He reveals that he is fighting an outlaw boss named Quentin Turnbull. Nate reveals that the aberration is Turnbull leading the Western US in its secession to form the “Turnbull Country”. The team learns that Turnbull is extracting dwarf star, which Ray used for his A.T.O.M. suit, and that Turnbull is planning to destroy a critical mountain pass connecting the Eastern US to the West, stopping the US Army from supplying the West. While Sara and Jonah engage Turnbull, Mick and Amaya destroy the mine and Nate uses his powers to stop the train. Instead of killing Turnbull, Jonah decides to deliver him to the authorities. With the dwarf star reappropriated, Ray plans to rebuild his suit and shows Nate the suit he has made for the latter. Amaya decides to teach Mick to control his anger. Martin and Jefferson deduce that, due to the former’s interaction with his past self, he may have altered the past. Sara tells the team that they need to return to 2016 to help their friends.

directed by: Gregory Smith Air Date: December 1, 2016

Nate, Mick, Amaya, Felicity, and Cisco travel back to the first Dominator invasion of Earth in Oregon, 1951. The Legends successfully capture a Dominator for information, but are themselves captured by federal agents. While in custody, they learn from the Dominator that the aliens arrived to assess the threat humanity posed now that metahumans had appeared. Felicity and Cisco rescue the Legends and help set the Dominator free. Meanwhile in Central City 2016, the team learns that the Dominators know about Barry’s manipulation of the timeline and that they demand his surrender in exchange for peace. After the Legends return, the team discovers that the Dominators’ weapon is a bomb that will kill all metahumans on Earth with millions of collateral human casualties. The team dissuades Barry from surrendering and Cisco reconciles with him. They manage to destroy the bomb and force the Dominators to retreat using pain-inflicting nanotechnology. Cisco gives Supergirl a device to travel between their universes. Martin convinces Jax not to tell the others that his daughter, Lily, is an aberration of the timeline.

The Chicago Way
directed by: Ralph Hemecker Air Date: December 8, 2016

Eobard, Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn arrive in Chicago, 1927, and ally with Al Capone. Learning of the aberration, the Legends arrive and manage to keep Capone from murdering Eliot Ness. Ness is critically injured, so the team decides to obtain vital information on Capone’s operation to secure history. Meanwhile, Mick begins having hallucinations of Snart, who belittles him for acting like his teammates. Sara and Martin are abducted by Eobard during their infiltration and raid on Capone’s club. Malcolm offers Sara a chance to change her past in return for the amulet she took from Darhk in 1987, but she refuses. The team rescues the captives, but “Martin” turns out to be a disguised Eobard, who searches the Waverider at super-speed for the amulet while Malcolm attacks the ship directly. Eobard barely escapes revenge at Amaya’s hand, but Sara surrenders the amulet for Martin’s safety. The Legends succeed in correcting the timeline. Eobard later shows his partners that the completed amulet projects a holographic map that can locate the Spear of Destiny, which is able to “rewrite reality itself”. They must next locate Rip Hunter, who is revealed to be working as a movie director in 1967 Los Angeles.

Raiders of the Lost Art
directed by: Dermott Downs Air Date: January 24, 2017

During the New York attack, Rip recovered the Spear of Destiny from the Waverider and used the time drive to escape. In the present, the team learns about the spear and arrives in Los Angeles, 1967, where they find Darhk and Malcolm attempting to kidnap Rip, who has no memories of his previous adventures and is filming with George Lucas. Both parties escape and Rip is arrested by the police. The team springs him from custody and takes him to the Waverider. Nate and Ray are revealed to have lost their specialities and powers since the aberration caused Lucas to quit filmmaking. While Nate, Amaya, and Ray meet Lucas to dissuade him from dropping out of school, the others learn that Lucas had a fragment of the spear. Darhk and Malcolm overpower Amaya’s party and force them to search for the fragment in a dumpster. The others arrive and a battle ensues during which they recover the fragment and the Medallion. Rip, however, is abducted by Eobard and threatened with torture by Malcolm and Darhk. Lucas returns to filmmaking and the team vows to rescue Rip. Meanwhile, Mick tells Stein about his hallucinations, but the latter eventually interprets them to be emotional, not neural.

The Legion of Doom
directed by: Eric Laneuville Air Date: January 31, 2017

In Star City 2016, Eobard and Damien recruit Malcolm just hours after the 2016 Damien is killed by Oliver. The Legion’s attempts to extract information from Rip fail repeatedly, exacerbating tensions within the group. Eobard disappears after insisting on his superiority, assigning Malcolm and Damien to access Rip’s bank safe deposit box in Switzerland 2025, the number of which Damien found engraved on Rip’s tooth. Meanwhile, Martin recruits Lily to help the team decode the amulet. She finds out that she is an aberration and gets angry with Martin. After a failed robbery, Malcolm and Damien decide to work together against Eobard. The Legends realize that the mystery speedster is Eobard and that he needs the spear to undo his removal from existence. Damien and Malcolm break into the bank vault, finding a record of Rip’s memories. They force Eobard to tell the truth about his disappearances. He reveals that Hunter Zolomon, now the undead speedster Black Flash, has been chasing him since Flashpoint. They manage to trap the pursuing speedster in the vault and escape, with Eobard agreeing to treat the duo as his equals. Lily returns home after she and Martin reconcile, while the Legion restores Rip’s memories, albeit with “adjustments”. In New Jersey on Christmas Day 1776, Rip shoots George Washington.

directed by: Alice Troughton Air Date: February 7, 2017

Rip has been brainwashed into working for the Legion. The Legends, who feel the subsequent timequake, head to Christmas Eve 1776, to protect Washington. As Sara and Mick escort Washington to safety, Rip arrives with some British troops who have been armed with modern-day assault rifles. Rip disables the team’s technology and shoots Sara in the chest, opting to take Mick and Washington prisoner. Rip then head to the Waverider to retrieve the Legends’ piece of the spear. Jax holds off Rip while a shrunken Ray works to fix the Waverider. Amaya and Nate share a tender moment in the wilderness. After Mick hears that Washington will be executed in the morning, he formulates an escape plan and teaches the General what it means to be an American. Rip uses Sara as leverage to get Jax to give him the spear fragment before snapping her neck. The Waverider’s power is restored and Sara is revived in time to stop an enraged Jax from murdering Rip. Nate and Amaya save Mick and Washington, who goes on to lead his soldiers to victory in the American Revolution. Amaya tells Nate they should remain friends and the team celebrates Christmas on the Waverider.

directed by: Antonio Negret Air Date: February 21, 2017

Rip finds former JSA member Dr. Mid-Nite in Detroit, 3000, killing him and taking his spear fragment. Gideon locates the next fragment in Medieval England, 507 A.D, the age of King Arthur. Amaya recognizes Merlin as Stargirl, her former comrade in the JSA. She explains that Hunter joined the JSA on their final mission to secure the spear. He divided it into four pieces for more safety. The Legion abducts Arthur and controls his mind using a device taken from 3000 in order to enter Camelot, threatening to destroy it unless the spear is brought to them. Sara persuades Guinevere to help them fight back while Amaya convinces Stargirl, who is in love with Arthur, to entrust her with the fragment. Upon learning that Ray has joined Guinevere’s army, the team devises a plan to reverse the effects of the device and Arthur subdues Rip. Ray engages Damien and gets shot, but survives due to his suit’s armor. In the changed history, Ray is revealed to have become a knight. Imprisoned in the brig, Rip contacts Gideon, whose programming maintains loyalty to him.

Land of the Lost
directed by: Ralph Hemecker Air Date: March 7, 2017

Rip issues an override order to Gideon to activate the Waverider’s self-destruct sequence, but the team manages to reboot Gideon and stop it. They crash land in the Cretaceous period and Ray, Amaya, and Nate venture out to recover a lost timeship part. Mick suggests using a Time Master method of mental programming to travel inside Rip’s mind and discover the location of Commander Steel and the final piece of the spear. Sara and Jax travel inside Rip’s mind, encountering evils from Rip’s past, evil versions of themselves, Gideon in human form, and a trapped Rip. Ray, Nate, and Amaya retrieve the missing part with Amaya using her abilities to stop a dinosaur from attacking them. Nate and Amaya start to develop mutual feelings, but Ray advises against this, reminding Nate that Amaya’s granddaughter will eventually inherit her abilities. Sara, Jax, and Gideon free Rip’s consciousness before Sara and Jax return to reality. Rip shares a kiss with the human Gideon before returning to reality and resuming his role as Captain, informing the team that he does know the location of Commander Steel and the last piece of the spear. Meanwhile in 1970, Jack Swigert, Apollo 13’s Command Module Pilot, has a meeting with a doctor revealed to be Eobard Thawne.

directed by: Kevin Mock Air Date: March 14, 2017

The Legends head to NASA in 1970, where Henry Heywood is working as a consultant. Henry reveals that he hid his spear fragment in the flag left by Apollo 11 on the moon, but then reveals that the Apollo 13 mission is going exactly as planned, worrying the team. It is revealed that Thawne has taken the identity of Jack Swigert, as he incapacitates the other two. Ray flies aboard the Apollo command module, and manages to restrain Thawne before retrieving the spear fragment. However, the Waverider is damaged when Sara attempts to stop meteors from damaging the Apollo craft, leaving Ray stranded on the moon. Ray and Thawne eventually launch themselves off the moon and are caught by the Waverider. Thawne is restrained, but does calculate the angle the team needs to reenter the atmosphere. With no other way to save the Waverider from destruction, Henry sacrifices himself by opening one of the Waverider outer hatches, being sucked outside the ship. Nate, disappointed that he wasn’t able to create a potentially better life for his family, passes on Henry’s message to his teenage father. Sara and Rip seem to clash over who should Captain the ship, but eventually reach a mutual agreement to lead the team together. Amaya asks Gideon to show her the fate of her village and her family, revealing to Amaya the destruction of her village and knowledge of her granddaughter Mari, the present-day Vixen.

Fellowship of the Spear
directed by: Ben Bray Air Date: March 21, 2017

The Legends steal the remaining spear fragments from Thawne, making it whole again. Writings on the spear reveal that it can be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Sara orders Gideon to send the Waverider back to the Crucifixion, but Rip immediately countermands the order, warning that simply going back to any significant points in history will have dire consequences if altered. Nate reveals that J. R. R. Tolkien has done a lot of research on Sir Gawain, who possessed some of Christ’s blood, as a solution. They find Tolkien in the Battle of the Somme, 1916 France. Mick is confronted by what he believes to be an illusion of Snart, who is disappointed with Mick’s decision to side with the Legends. Tolkien takes the Legends to the grave, where they are attacked by Darhk and an alive Snart, whom the Legion recruited to steal the Spear for them before he joined the original Legends. Tolkien acquires a map before escaping with the others. Amaya, tempted by the Spear’s power, offers using the spear to erase the Legion from reality, but the idea is opposed by the others. Using the map and the spear, they track the blood to the Somme battlefield, where Rip manages to convince both sides to a temporary ceasefire, during which the Legends acquire the blood. They are confronted by Darhk and Snart, who ultimately convinces Mick to join the Legion and give them the spear, with which they escape after Snart triggers a conflict, leading to the destruction of the blood. Malcolm returns to the Legion with the Kalebros Manuscript, which they use to activate the spear.

directed by: Mairzee Almas Air Date: March 28, 2017

In the new reality created by the Legion of Doom, Eobard Thawne is now the genius CEO of S.T.A.R. Labs and has captured the Black Flash, Damien Darhk is the mayor of Star City, Malcolm Merlyn’s family is alive and has his hand restored, and Snart and Rory control Central City as Captain Cold and Heatwave, but they still answer to Thawne as their superior. Ray, Stein, and Jax work in S.T.A.R. Labs for Thawne, Sara and Amaya work as enforcers for Darhk, killing any vigilante who opposes him, and Nate is a conspiracy theorist. Rip, being the only member of the Legends who is aware of the changes in reality, has given up and now bakes cakes onboard the Waverider. Mick, who is unsatisfied with his easy life of crime, takes Nate to re-assemble the Legends, using Ray’s new invention, the reality gun, to restore their memories. Stein, who is abused by Jax in this reality, breaks the gun after the latter attempts to use it on him. They resolve to reclaim the Spear from Thawne, before he can use an incinerator built by Stein powerful enough to destroy it, cementing the new reality. Darhk, Merlyn, and Snart also form an alliance against Thawne to reclaim the Spear for themselves. In a fight to retrieve the Spear, Amaya, who attempts to restore reality, is killed by Snart, thus enabling Thawne to destroy the Spear. Now trapped in this alternate reality forever, without their special powers, the defeated Legends make a risky plan to stop the Legion from ever getting the Spear in the first place, by travelling back to 1916 and preventing the Spear from being taken. Elsewhere, Rip and the Waverider are revealed to be miniaturized in Thawne’s office.

directed by: Rob Seidenglanz Air Date: April 4, 2017

The Legends regain contact with the Waverider and Ray de-miniaturizes both it and Rip. The Legends travel back to the Battle of the Somme to steal the Spear before the Legion can use it, while Thawne arrives from the altered reality, and destroys the blood of Christ, before killing future Ray, and informs the past Legion members about the future Legends. The Legends end up interacting with their past selves, creating a time storm that prevents them from using the past Legends’ Waverider to escape when they are ambushed by Merlyn, Darhk, and Snart. During the subsequent battle, the future Legends, with the exception of Sara and Rip, are killed by the Legion, before they are in turn incapacitated by the past Legends. Thawne arrives with multiple past versions of himself to fight the team, while Sara begins to use the Spear to rewrite reality. After Sara speaks to a manifestation of Laurel, Eobard takes the spear and attempts to use it against the team, only for Sara to reveal that she made the Spear defunct and that she released the Black Flash, who kills Eobard and erases him, his past versions, and the Spear from existence. With the mission complete, the remaining future Legends fade out of existence too. Nate convinces Amaya to stay. The Legends drop off Merlyn at his apartment in 2016, and erase Darhk’s and Snart’s memories, dropping them off in 1987 and 2014, respectively, to live out their destinies and eventual deaths. Rip leaves the team, telling Sara that he has taught her everything. The Legends set off for Aruba, 2017, at Mick’s request, but find themselves in Los Angeles, 2017, which, due to their meddling in time, now has buildings from different time periods and is swarming with dinosaurs.